Travel information

Travel information


2.     BY CAR

Driving in Serbia:

All roads are clearly marked so it's difficult to get lost.  The speed limit varies from place to place so it is important to respect and follow all road signs. If you posses a valid international or local driving license and if you are comfortable with driving on the right side of the road, then you are most welcome to drive in Serbia.

Guests who arrive by car are kindly requested to pay attention to parking and the allocated spots for parking so as to avoid having your car towed and having to pay fines.  More information can be found on the City of Novi Sad websites.

Gasoline prices:

Premium BMB 95 BMB 95 148,40
Euro Premium BMB 95 EP BMB 95 153,40
Diesel D2 149,40
Euro Diesel EUD 150,90
Auto gas TNG 75,90

Peage is charged on the following roads: E-75 Belgrade - Novi Sad, E-70 Novi Sad - Feketić - Subotica, E-75 Belgrade - Niš, E-75 Niš - Leskovac and E-70 Belgrade - Šid. Peage prices range from 2 to 40 EUR.

Bare in mind that these prices are the current ones, and may alter by the time you will be coming. You will be notified about the possible changes in due time.

For any assistance during your travel through Serbia, you can call AUTOMOBILE AND MOTORCYCLE ASSOCIATION OF SERBIA - AMSS:

AMSS-road assistance +381 1987

3.     BY TRAIN

Train tickets are much cheaper if you buy them in the country you travel from, but if you want, you can buy tickets in advance online at:

Other useful websites:
Croatian Railways: 
Slovenian Railways: slo-zeleznice
InterRail: interrail

Budapest - Novi Sad:
The trip takes about 6 hours.

Budapest to Novi Sad - Departures daily from Keleti Railway station at 10:05, 13:05 and 22:30
Novi Sad to Budapest  - Departures daily to Keleti Railway station at 07:27, 08:35 and 23:22
Ticket Price: 24.60 EUR (round-trip)

Novi Sad Train Station
Jase Tomica Boulevard 6, 21000 Novi Sad
+381 (0) 21 443200

Ljubljana - Belgrade:

Ljubljana to Belgrade: Departures daily at 08:15
Ticket Price: 49,20 EUR one-way, 78,80 EUR round trip. Beograd Special - 25 EUR for departures during the day and people under the age of 20.

Belgrade to Ljubljana: Departures daily at 10:30
Ticket Price: 49,20 EUR one-way, 78,80 EUR round trip.

Zagreb - Belgrade:
The train takes around 7 hours and once in Belgrade you can take a train or a bus from the Central Station (nearby) to Novi Sad.

Zagreb to Belgrade: Departures daily at 10:55
Belgrade to Zagreb: Departures daily at 10:30

Ticket price: 22 EUR one-way, 39 EUR round trip

Belgrade Train Station
+381 (0) 11 3602899

4.     BY BUS

Belgrade Airport to Belgrade Bus/Train Station: 
Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" airport is 15km away from the centre of Belgrade. There are two places you can get on the bus: one is next to Terminal 1 entrance and the other is in front of the Arrivals entrance.

Look for the A1 line. The price is 300 RSD per person. It takes you to the center of Belgrade to Slavija Square. There is also a line from Slavija Square to Belgrade airport.

Belgrade Central Bus Station to Novi Sad:
Buses run every 15 to 45 minutes and the ride takes an hour and a half.

You can also use our organized transfers from Belgrade airport for the EXIT festival with official coaches.

Price is 9.99€ for the coach per person.

If you prefer to travel by taxi you can rent it upfront at a price of 54.00€ per vehicle (1-4 persons).

If there is a group of you (up to 8 people) you can rent a minivan at a price of 102.00€ per vehicle (1/8 people).

You can see the timetable and price table here.

Belgrade to Novi Sad:
Every 15 to 45 minutes from 03:00 to 23:59
Novi Sad to Belgrade: Every 15 to 45 minutes from 5:00 to 23:59

Price: 5 - 8 EUR (you will have to pay in RSD - 600-800)

With this type of traveling, these numbers may be of use to you:

Novi Sad Central Bus Station
Jase Tomica Boulevard 6, 21000 Novi Sad
+381 (0) 21 444021
+381 (0) 21 444022
+381 (0) 21 444023

Belgrade Central Bus Station
+381 (0) 11 636299


Novi Sad is 70 km / 45 miles from the Belgrade airport

Official Exit travel service 

By Taxi: If you decide to take the taxi from the Belgrade airport to Novi Sad, the ride will cost you between 50 and 80 Euros (per cab, not per person). You shouldn't have to pay more and make sure to find out the price beforehand. The trip will take you about an hour. If you want to be sure and book with our official services, click here to book the taxi at a price of 54€.

By Bus: Recently, the Novi Sad Public City Transportation introduced a line from Novi Sad to the Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport, and from the airport to Novi Sad. One-way ticket costs 950 RSD, or about 9 EUR, and can be bought inside the bus, at the driver's, or at the intercity bus station.

From Novi Sad to the airport: 05:00, 07:30, 09:30, 11:30, 13:30, 14:30, 17:30, 18:25, 20:15
From the airport to Novi Sad: 06:35, 09:05, 11:05, 13:05, 15:05, 17:00, 19:15, 20:55, 22:00

Belgrade Airport to Belgrade Bus/Train Station:
Belgrade airport is 15km from the center of Belgrade. One bus stop is next to Terminal 1 and the other one is in the front of the Arrivals entrance.


During Exit Festival, Novi Sad Public City Transportation offers the purchase of a 7-day ticket for unlimited bus rides on all city lines, for only 650 RSD (5.9 EUR). The ticket is valid seven days from the day of purchase and you will be able to use it on all city bus lines.


Airport Belgrade
Info telephone
+381 (0) 11 601424
Belgrade Airport Website

Novi Sad Train Station 
Jase Tomica Boulevard 6, 21000 Novi Sad
+381 (0) 21 443200

Novi Sad Central Bus Station
Jase Tomica Boulevard 6, 21000 Novi Sad
+381 (0) 21 444021
+381 (0) 21 444022
+381 (0) 21 444023

Belgrade Central Bus Station 
+381 (0) 11 636299

Parking Service Novi Sad
+381 (0) 21 4724140

Belgrade Central Train Station
+381 (0) 11 3602899

JAT -  Yugoslav Air Transport - Novi Sad office 
Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 18, Novi Sad
+381 (0) 21 456177

JAT -  Yugoslav Air Transport -  London Office
+44 20 7629 2007