Exit Village

Exit Village

1.  General
2.  How to get to the Village
3.  Tourist Info


1.  General
Exit Village is by far the most popular gathering place for Exit visitors, both domestic and foreign, the place where party never ends. This year, it will be situated only 5 minutes away from downtown, the quay, and 15 minutes away from the festival location - near the open swimming pools at SPENS. People from all around the world ready to make new friends, sleeping in tents, music that never ends, all this and more makes our Village unique and irreplaceable festival experience, where even the Novi Sad locals stay!

Camping tickets are available. Learn more about the prices and where to buy camping tickets HERE.

From July 8, Exit Village will host everyone who finds camping, swimming, music, and the company of fellow campers an exhilarating experience.
Do not forget: the wristband is your ticket for the village, and it applies to the person, not to the tent.
The ticket to the Village is not a festival ticket.

Only the people with wristbands are allowed the entrance to the village.

2.  How to get to the Village


All information concerning local transportation can be found here.


During Exit Festival, Novi Sad Public City Transportation offers the purchase of a 7-day ticket for unlimited bus rides on all city lines, for only  650 RSD (5.9 EUR). The ticket is valid seven days from the day of purchase and you will be able to use it on all city bus lines.

Two lines will take you to the Village - bus no.4 and bus no.7. Bus stops for line no.7 are located at the Bulevar Oslobodjenja, and the nearest one to the campsite is the one next to the "Mercator" shopping centre. Across the street diagonally, next to the tennis courts is the stop for the opposite side. Line no.4's nearest stops for both directions are on the corner of Stražilovska and Bulevar Cara Lazara.

Line no.9 will take you to the Fortress's main entrance (near the "Trag" restaurant. The stop where you will wait for the bus to take you for the fortress is located across the street from tennis courts on the Bulevar Cara Lazara, with the next stop on the corner of Bulevar Cara Lazara and Stražilovska.


It takes about 15 minutes to walk from the Village to the fortress. Follow down Bulevar Cara Lazara, all along the Danube quay until you reach the Duga bridge, which, after crossing it, will take you straight to the gates of the festival. Before you have reached the bridge you will hear loud music simply inviting you to join the party!


We don't recommend you ride your car or a taxi from the Village to the Fortress, due to the possible traffic jam and closed streets when approaching or entering Petrovaradin. Not to mention that the planet will love you more if you ride together or walk to the festival


If you prefer walking by the fresh river, and you have the time for that, walk the same way you would walk to the festival, but instead of turning right to cross the bridge, you turn left one block after you pass under the bridge into the Dunavska Street, which will lead you straight to a pedestrian area and the downtown.
If you prefer walking through downtown, there is a large number of streets which lead you there - walking through SPENS and exiting on the plateau on the Maksima Gorkog street. After the gas station you turn from Maksima Gorkog into Sutjeska Street, and then turn right into Vojvodjanskih Brigada Street which will lead you to a pedestrian zone when followed down. If you don't want to turn right, you can continue down Sutjeska Street which stretches into Pavla Simića, taking you to Vase Stajića Street which later leads you to Železnička Street. At the end of this street there is an underground passage which leads you straight to the downtown pedestrian zone.


The biggest taxi stations are the parking lot TO THE LEFT of the main railway and bus stations, as well as in the town center, in front of the  Putnik" hotel. Don't sit in the first taxi you see. Search for clearly marked - red, yellow or white vehicles that belong to legitimate taxi associations. Ask forthe ride price to "SPENS" before you enter the vehicle. The price should not exceed 300 dinars.


The only valid currency in Serbia is the Serbian Dinar. You can exchange foreign currency in any of the exchange offices or banks. You will also have ATM machines at your disposal scattered all across the city, where you can withdraw Serbian Dinars. You pay for your drinks at the festival with the newly introduced, modern cashless system (a card that this year replaces the tokens), with selling hotspots at various locations at the Fortress.

3.  Tourist Info

Information on traveling to Novi Sad, accommodation, local transport, as well as all the stuff you may find useful need once you're here can be found in Tourist info section of our website.

The most important phone numbers and addresses can be found HERE.


The exchange of vouchers for your wristbands will be held at the same location as previous years - Preradovićeva street in Petrovaradin, across the street from the main car entrance to the Fortress - in the following hours:

  • Monday, July 8, from 10:00h to 20:00h
  • Tuesday, July 9, from 10:00h to 20:00h
  • Wednesday, July 10, from 12:00h to 00:00h
  • Thursday, July 11, from 12:00h to 03:00h
  • Friday, July 12, from 18:00h to 03:00h
  • Saturday, July 13, from 18:00h to 03:00h
  • Sunday, July 14, from 18:00h to 03:00h

The wristbands will have a unique bar code, checked at the entrance for validity. Your wristband allows one entrance to the festival per day. The visitors who purchased single-day tickets do not exchange them for wristbands, but enter the festival with them. The entrance for visitors will be open every day from 19:00h to 03:00h.

Volunteers at the Village will be at your disposal 24 hours a day. They will gladly provide you with information on the festival, as well as locations in the city you would like to visit. The Village guests will have a number of toilets at their disposal, as well as closed showers with hot water and sinks, and also a variety of food a drinks, camping equipment store, a mobile phone and camera recharging service equipment etc.

Join the neverending fun of the merry neighbors. Don't bring your toothpaste, you might just become random friends with someone ;) be sure to bring your bikinis/trunks, sunglasses, towels and all other beach-related stuff, but above all, bring that good energy which illuminates the festival every year.

Be a real Exit Villager :)